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Martial Arts Class

After School Program

Now Enrolling for the 2023-2024 School Year

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When our students first arrive at Proletics after school they will go into their designated room according to age to start their homework and eat their snack. Your child can bring a snack from home or we have vending machines at Proletics where they can purchase snacks and drinks from. You can also open a snack account for your child.

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Martial Arts Training

In our after school program martial arts class students will start off with warm ups and exercises then move into kicking, punching, bag drill and challenges. We make each class fun while the students are learning. Whether you have done martial arts before or not you will learn move at your own pace. Belt testing is every three months and students will dress out for each class. It is all students responsibility to have their uniform clean and neat throughout the week. All students will take their uniforms home on Fridays to be washed then returned on Monday clean.

Fitness is a huge part of our program as well. It is important that our student are healthy and are not only amazing martial artists but amazing martial ATHLETES!

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Our Ninja Trix Program is one of a kind. This class is done every Friday during after school. This class is a mixture of parkour training, tumbling and martial arts. The ninjas will work on strength and endurance as they go through challenging obstacle coarse and learn cool ninja moves. This class is an additional $10/week for students enrolled in after school. The uniform for this class is different from the martial arts uniform and required for all ninjas. Uniform cost is $42.80. It includes T shirt, headband and shirt.

Free Time

At Proletics we believe in work hard, play harder! After class is finished we open up the floor for group games. We also have foosball, air hockey and lots of table games and activities. Your child can also choose to finish up any homework they may have. We ask that all electronics be kept at home until Friday. Friday is the only day we allow tablets, phones, Nintendo Switch and to use the PS4 ect. If your child is not enrolled in Ninja they will be able to use this time to have free time with electronics. Students are not allowed to use phones to call parents but rather see a staff member to call home in the case of an emergency.

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