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Ages 7-17yrs old

Our  boxing program is one of a kind!!! This new exciting program consist of learning the fundamentals of boxing; agility, footwork, speed and timing all while punching, kicking, throwing elbows, knees hooks and uppercuts! Our boxing program is a non contact class. Meaning these kids will not be sparring each other until they have been in the program for a while. As you know boxing is very different from Tae Kwon Do and safety is always a must at Proletics.

Classes are taught by a highly trained boxing coach and former collegiate athlete Coach Harland. We are very excited for him to join the Proletics Team and teach our existing and new students his skills.

There are soo many benefits from children learning boxing including self defense, humility and patience, fitness, self development, discipline, self confidence and soo much more. Also with these ever changing times all children should have some type of self protection knowledge with boxing being an extremely realistic fighting style it can absolutely save your life even with just a little bit of knowledge.

As always existing students will receive a discount on registration. All students who register will receive their Proletics Boxing t shirt and boxing gloves. These items are required at every training session. You may also purchase wraps through Proletics if you prefer them.

Again we are soo excited to have our very own boxing program and look forward to seeing our students on the mat and in gloves. Please contact the school if you have any questions.

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